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Heed their screams: say no to FGM

You would think with all the new developments happening around, marriage .a Maasai girl is safe from the despicable things such as circumcision marriage. Yes, some people think that is now a myth and nothing but one of the story lines similar to ”The river between ”.
Girl circumcision in Maasai land is still taking place even though it is now illegal.Where are the people who are supposed to protect the children’s innocence?Why are some parents so transfixed on the idea that a girl needs to be circumcised to become a woman?
For a grown person to take a  young girl who is just ten to be circumcised and be married off to some other grown up who knows better, they really must have their sanity evaluatedPeople sitting around and celebrating that a ten-year-old has gone through what is arguably one of the most painful experiences of her life is beyond sickening to me .As they scrap off her womanhood they dance .As they rob her of her childhood, they are jumping up and down outside the hut.Do they not hear her scream for mercy?
Are they not taunted by the horrifying echoes of her painful screams ? Ain’t her  life more worthy , must she pass such a brutal passage to find a husband who is probably twice her age?Is this really the way of life ?
Is she just a piece of meat that just needs to be processed and sold to the highest bidder?Why is a young girl put through so much  for the benefit of a man?Who will stand up to empower our Maasai girls? Our fathers are selling us off  to put our brothers to school.Our mothers are suffering in silence for they have long given up to fighting back .They watch in silence obedience as they cut into their daughters. The world is messed up i tell you !
Our girls are being enslaved by the community ,by norms that are way to retrogressive .Some things just tears your heart up .I will no longer cry for the Maasai girls instead i shall fight for my fellow sisters.The men who are supposed to protect us ,have enslaved us for so long .Someone needs to empower the young girl who  has no means to run from a cruel fate they don’t deserve. I can no  longer sit back and watch as they rob my fellow sister of not only her womanhood but also her dreams of a better future .This is not just about being a Maasai girl but as an empowered lady I shall not sit and do nothing .This practice is more common than you think .As women we should
do something to help our fellow sisters.
It is time to heed their screams,it is time to stop cutting .

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  1. April 21, 2017

    A quarter of women have been cut in Nigeria, where it is particularly prevalent in the south. Some see FGM as important for preserving a girl’s virginity or for cleanliness. Others say it increases sexual pleasure for the man.

    • Stop FGM
      April 21, 2017

      It is a MYTH, also women who do not undergo FGM cannot give birth to healthy children. FACT is FGM has NO health benefits to women #endFGM

  2. May 21, 2017

    We work closely with each of these groups and offer them training in the specific skills they need to speak out and influence others, so that eventually whole communities say no to FGM.

  3. November 8, 2017

    Legal scholars Nancy Ehrenreich and Mark Barr write that thousands of these procedures take place every year in the United States, and say that they are medically unnecessary, more extensive than FGM, and have more serious physical and mental consequences.

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