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Loreto Sisters

The Loreto Sisters are an international catholic congregation of nuns with headquarters in Rome headed by a Mother General. The Loreto Sisters have worked tirelessly to enhance the dignity of women and youth for over 400 years all over the world. Loreto sisters’ mission is to serve the most vulnerable and forgotten, especially women and children. Their major activities are in schools – education. The Sister’s structure is based on catholic tradition of religious congregations that are made up of regions which are semi-autonomous in operations.
The Eastern Africa region has religious communities in Kenya and Tanzania that mainly focus on schools, colleges and care of the girl child. The Termination of Female Genital Mutilation (TFGM) project is part of the programmes of the Eastern Africa region which covers Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Somalia and Ethiopia with head office in Nairobi. Sr. Ephigenia Gachiri, the Project Director of the TFGM project, is a member of the Eastern Africa region and works closely with the council members.

Graduated Young Ladies Annually