The Loreto Sisters are an International Group of Catholic Sisters with a strong presence in 29 countries all over the world. It has a 400-year history since inception, and has been inKenya since 1921. Its headquarters are in Rome but locally, it has a Province Leader and Consultants. Its constitution defines it as religious group of women...


Termination of Female Genital Mutilation (TFGM) is a project of Loreto Sisters. It was begun by Dr. Sr. Ephigenia Gachiri, Ph.D, in 1998. We find individual families or rescue homes for those at risk of FGM. We give encouragement and are in the process of creating a psychological module for FGM survivors and their families...


Accountant Name: Loreto Sisters Abundant Life Center, Account Number: 1000420723, Name of Bank: NIC Bank
PAY BILL NUMBER 163917, Account Name Loreto Sisters Abundant Life Center,
Materials can also be delivered to Abundant Life Centre, through Sr. Ephigenia Gachiri(0721532858).


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What people say

R. Chebet
I used to be a former circumciser, now that I have know of the harm caused by FGM I  decided to teach others practicing FGM of its short-term and long-term effects. I huge thank you to the TFGM team and Dr. Sr. Ephigenia Gachiri.
Elderly lady
I have come to thank you today for the good work that you did in December. I had brought one of my grand-daughters for that workshop and I can testify that I have seen a great transformation.
I’m a survivor of female genital cutting and I’m speaking out – as others must too