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Termination of Female Genital Mutilation (TFGM) is a project of Loreto Sisters. It was begun by Sr.Dr. Ephigenia in 1998.

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Account Name: Loreto Sisters Abundant Life Center Account Number: 1000420723, Name of Bank: NIC Bank
PAY BILL NUMBER: 163917 Account Name: Loreto Sisters Abundant Life Center,
Materials can also be delivered to Abundant Life Centre, through Sr. Ephigenia (+254 721 532 858).

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Heed their screams: say no to FGM

You would think with all the new developments happening around, marriage .a Maasai girl is safe from the despicable things such as circumcision marriage. Yes, some people think that is now a myth and nothing but one of the story lines similar to ”The river between ”.
Girl circumcision in

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Meet the Nun Determined to End Female Genital Mutilation

Sister Ephigenia Gachiri is working to replace this horrific practice with healthy rituals.


When Naomi, a shopkeeper in Ntimaru, Kenya, refused to allow her daughters to undergo female circumcision, she was

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Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Preparations


In Samburu culture, immediately the girl is born, she is separated from her mother by a young girl who cuts the umbilical cord.
There is a celebration that is held called “IKIPOKET”. During this celebration, fathers are not supposed to neither participate nor feast in any

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What people say

It developed during the birth of the second born due to obstructed labour. The urine started leaking but I didn’t know that it was a problem until I attended the FGM seminar by Marysylvia and Muraguri.